Flight Details

 A SAFE, private flight for two is only $400 per person.

 HOT FUN’s new “SKYLINER”, the name of our newest aircraft, is a FireFly AX8B with a 4.9 basket.  SKYLINER comfortably accommodates a pilot and two adults on private FIRST CLASS escapades.


Our mobile launching pad "Rosie" is an air-conditioned GMC Sierra Classic Suburban with heaps of bells and whistles.  Our chase personnel are proud of their record of successful “hot pursuits” and a casual inspection of these unsung heroes of ballooning will assure you -- they mean business!


Allot just over three hours for your HOT FUN excursion - average time in the air is just over an hour.  Experience has proven that the hour just after sunrise is the most favorable for an enjoyable, safe balloon flight; it’s cool, the wind and weather are usually ideal, and you can watch the world come alive -- just what you’ve imagined a hot air balloon flight should be!  Occasionally we'll fly evenings if the day’s winds moderate.


On the day you fly, we suggest you wear waterproof footwear (to prevent your sneakers from becoming squishy in the morning dew), casual out-of-doors clothing, sunglasses, your favorite hat, and something that takes pictures!



Our balloon is equipped with high-quality binoculars, safety gear, a mode C transponder, and radios for communicating with chase personnel and the local airspace controllers.


From liftoff to the bubbly champagne toast, your flight with HOT FUN will be an aerial nature walk over forests, lakes, and farms -- with views of the Presidential Range, "The Longfellow,” little villages, busy coastline, and out to Maine’s capes and islands.  Your pilot will also point out tidbits of entertaining information as he reads the wind and directs your colorful “windship” toward its pleasant, final destination.


A post-flight champagne country picnic with music by the Philadelphia Philharmonic Orchestra and many other surprise extras are yours for only $400 per person.  Check our Contact page for further details!


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